SmashTheClub releases tracklist for #WHITESUMMER

Always been a favorite blog to check out when it comes to music. Shouts to SmashTheClub for supporting my new mix that I released about a week ago. Not only did they support the mix but have been the first to release the full track list!



White Summer_back

#FoxFridays w/ Don Benjamin pictures

This may have been the most insane event of #FoxFridays history. The line was wrapped around the block filled with women (no exaggeration). The ratio of woman:man was easily 4:1 but that’s no surprise because Don Benjamin is a lady killer. It was funny watching these girls try to snake their way into the booth just to sneak a quick picture.


View Pictures Here


My friends have been coming out to Vegas with me each year since 2010 and for this tradition, we went as crazy as ever. Shout outs to the crew: Valerie, Jay, Allan, Ramon, RC, Jackie, Jordan. We hit up Surrender, Marquee Dayclub, Drais, and XS Nightswim.

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